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Jean A. Schapowal from Cakes with Character, is an award winning cake artist based in Long Island, New York, creating cakes for over 15 years. Having been a cartooning and Illustration major in art school, Jean brings her cartoony, pop, comic book style to her cake creations. Jean competes regularly in cake shows across the country, placing with many of her entries and contributes to many online cake collaboations. Jean was also a finalist for a Cake Masters award for best collaboration and has appearred on numerous TV cake challenges. She loves to create fun and engaging pieces, cakes that “pop”.


Jean Schapowal


  • 2022, The Food Network, Bake it Till You Make it! 

  • 2020, Disney+ - Foodtastic 

  • 2020, The Food Network Canada, The Big Bake Off (Winner)

  • 2018, The Food Network, Halloween Cake Off - Ep. 5

  • 2017, The Food Network, Cake Wars - Halo


  • Founder of Simpsononymous (an organization helping to promote cancer awareness through edible art!)

  • Member Long Island Baking and Pastry Guild

  • Icing Smiles Sugar Angel since 2013

  • Contributor to several online cake collaboration

  • Stephen and Alexandra Cohen Childrens Hospital

  • Sid Jacobsen JCC Auction for Excellence



  • 2022, Utah Sugar Artist show 2nd Place Masters Sculpted

  • 2022, ICES Reno convention winner Best use of Royal Icing. 3rd Place winner cookies 

  • 2022, Soflo 3rd Place winner cupcakes

  • 2021/2022, USA winner I am Cake Star International cake Competition Novelty, cupcakes, Tiered

  • 2021/ 2022, 1st Place winner Long Island Gingerbread House competition (8x Winner) 

  • 2019 2nd Place and 1st Place FIPGC qualifier

  • 2019 Jersey Shore Cake and Cookie Competition 2nd Place tiered 

  • 2019 Austin 3rd Place novelty 2nd Place professional cupcakes 

  • 2018, 3rd Place winner professional category The Show Me Sweets Show

  • 2018, Bronze in the Oklahoma Sugar Art Show Grand National Category

  • 2018, 2nd Place Sweet Fest In Atlanta Professional Wedding and Professional Sugar Art

  • 2018 OSSAS 1st Place masters cupcakes

  • 2018 Austin 2nd Place cupcakes 2nd Place Special techniques

  • 2017 1st Place Holiday 2nd Place cupcakes

  • 2017 Austin 3rd Place cupcakes

  • 2016, Cakefest, Cookies, cupcakes and decorated board

  • 2016 1st Place Holiday Tiered and judges choice

  • 2015 Oklahoma Sugar Art show ( or easier OSSAS) 2nd place tiered

  • 2015 Cakefest, placed 1st in Division

  • 2014 NY Cake Show, placed 3rd

  • 2014 National Capital Area Cake Show, placed 4th

  • 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011 Oklahoma Sugar Art Show, placed 3rd, 2nd, 2nd, 1st & Sponsor's Choice

  • 2012, 2013 Garden State Cake Show, placed 1st in Division

  • 2011, 2013 CT Cake Competition, placed 1st in Division, Decorators, Choice & People's Choice

  • 2010, NY Cake Competition, placed 1st in Division



  • Cake Masters Magazine

  • Newsday

  • Hicksville Illustrated

  • Featured in Cake Wrecks Sundays Sweets and Between the Pages blogs

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